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Can I sell or promote services in the forums?

We welcome members to recommend and critique services in our forums, but please do not sell or promote your business.

You can:

  • Include links to travel-related commercial or personal sites, as long as you do not receive an incentive for doing so, and you are not affiliated with the sites in any way.
  • Participate in a discussion related to your business or a competitor's business, but you must clearly state your affiliation as a representative. Our members are entitled to this information so that they can be aware of any potential bias in your comments. A simple statement like, "Hi, I'm John from XYZ Tours," is sufficient disclosure.
  • Join a conversation that is NOT directly related to your business. In these cases, we allow, (but do not require), you to mention your affiliation with your business. Please do not use this as an opportunity to solicit new clients, provide contact information, or post commercial links.
  • Journalists may look for stories from real travellers, but they must follow our guidelines for journalists.

You cannot:

  • Include links, contact information, or recommendations for a business with which you are affiliated, even if your business or property seems to be an ideal fit for a traveller's needs.
  • Make critical comments about your competitors.
  • Make direct or indirect requests for donations or contributions to a charitable organisation, including posting links or contact information. We welcome you to discuss the charities you support, provided the discussions are travel-related and relevant to the destination in which they are posted. If you represent or are affiliated with a charity, though, please add your charity's name and website link to your profile. You may also add your affiliation to the charity if applicable.


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