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What are badges?

Badges are icons that appear next to a traveller's review, under their avatar or photo, or in their profile. They're our way of recognising TripAdvisor members who write travel reviews for the benefit of our entire community. There are different kinds of badges that you can earn depending on your contributions to the TripAdvisor community.

  • Reviewer badges, sometimes called Star Badges.
  • Category badge: shows if the writer has reviewed many businesses of the type you are currently viewing. For example, 10 restaurant reviews.
  • City badge: shows the number of cities the writer has written reviews for.
  • Helpful vote badges: when travellers find your reviews helpful, they can give you a helpful vote to help you earn this badge.
  • Passport badge: this badge for world travellers displays if the writer has written reviews in multiple destinations.

For more information about badges, see Badges - what they are and how to earn them.


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