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How does the Popularity Index differ from the overall bubble rating?

To help you plan your trip, we show two measures of quality for each accommodation, restaurant, or attraction on our site.

  • Popularity Index rank: this ranking compares businesses and other places of interest to travellers based on their popularity, as measured by the quality, quantity, and recency of their content on TripAdvisor. The Popularity Index ranks similar businesses within a location against each other to give travellers a relative measure of popularity. The TripAdvisor Popularity Index is normally updated once a week.
  • Bubble rating: this overall score takes into account the quality, quantity, and age of individual travellers' ratings and reviews from one bubble to five bubbles, with one bubble meaning "terrible" and five meaning "excellent." The overall rating can be broken down by distribution of ratings, type of travel, (such as business or family), or aspects of the business, (such as service or cleanliness). Unlike the Popularity Index, the overall bubble rating is an absolute measure of quality.


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