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What are Travel Guides?

TripAdvisor Travel Guides help you to find great things to do in destinations around the world. Travel Guides give you tips, ideas, background information and local points of view to help you plan your perfect trip.

TripAdvisor Travel Guides can be created in two ways:

Commissioned guides: These elite, commissioned guides are denoted by the text “exclusively commissioned by TripAdvisor” in the header of the guide. They cover specific topics and locales, are formally commissioned by TripAdvisor, and are subject to significant additional, detailed editorial and review requirements and processes, including quality checks, grammatical review and company editorial review, in order to be published on TripAdvisor. These particular guides are commissioned content, created as a work for hire, and are owned by TripAdvisor. Please use the reporting feature at the bottom of these guides to alert us to any issues with these guides.

Commissioned Guide Examples:

Venice Off the Beaten Path

3 Days in Barcelona

Guide to Dublin for Families

User-created guides: Contributors on TripAdvisor have the ability to write guides on a voluntary basis. The general guidelines for this programme are operated consistent with our Terms of Use. Consistent with TripAdvisor’s review policy, TripAdvisor does not edit or remove such content unless it violates our guidelines. If you think a guide violates our guidelines, please use the reporting function at the bottom of the guide to let us know so that it can be investigated.


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