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What are the levels of the GreenLeaders Programme?

There are five levels of the GreenLeaders Programme. All participating hotels and B&Bs must meet a minimum set of requirements to be included in the programme and attain the level of GreenPartner:

  • Having linen and towel re-use plans
  • Tracking energy usage on a regular basis
  • Recycling
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs
  • Educating staff and guests on green practices
  • Properly treating waste water (either using an on-site or municipal sewage system) 

Properties that qualify on the GreenPartner level will have their status displayed in their amenities page.

To qualify as a GreenLeader, businesses must also achieve a minimum score on the application survey. GreenLeader properties are eligible for one of the four badge levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Badge levels are determined by a property's overall level of participation in environmentally friendly activities.

  • GreenPartner: meets minimum requirements
  • GreenLeader Bronze: meets minimum requirements and achieves a 30% score on the Green Practices survey
  • GreenLeader Silver: meets minimum requirements + 40% survey score
  • GreenLeader Gold: meets minimum requirements + 50% score
  • GreenLeader Platinum: meets minimum requirements + 60% score or higher

Properties that qualify at any of the GreenLeader levels will have their badge displayed on their property listing page and when searching in their city (e.g. London hotels) 

If you are a hotel or B&B and want more information about how to participate, see our application instructions or read our scoring information.

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