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What constitutes a first-hand traveller review?

We accept reviews that detail first-hand experiences with the facilities or services of an establishment. General discussion that does not detail a substantial experience will not be posted. In addition:

  • No second-hand information or hearsay (unverified information, rumours or quotations from other sources or the reported opinions/experience of others).
  • No reviews written by ownership, management or other representative property or chain that the property belongs to; including past employees, volunteers or anyone associated with/related to employees of the property or chain of properties in question.
  • No reviews written by vendors employed by the property or chain of properties.
    Individuals affiliated with a property may not review other properties of the same type (accommodation, restaurant or attraction) within the same city or town, or within 10 miles of that property.
  • Individuals affiliated with a property or chain of properties (such as an employee) may not review competitors.
  • No ratings or comments about aspects of a business or airline you did not experience. For example:
    • You can write a review of an experience with the front desk of a hotel if you then chose not to stay overnight, but you may not rate the sleep quality.
    • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept reviews of holiday rental experiences that occurred during the reservation process or before arrival at the property. 
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