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What constitutes irrelevant content?

Please do not post any content that is not relevant to trip planning and research.

  • Reviews for trips or customer service experiences must be submitted within a year of experience. Reviews for holiday rentals are accepted for the current calendar year, and the two calendar years prior.
  • No insulting language that is irrelevant to customer service (such as hurtful physical descriptions or name-calling). Do not attempt a smear campaign by taking extreme efforts to damage the reputation of a brand or individual, or by inciting the community to do the same.
  • No personal political, ethical, or religious opinions, discussion or commentary in reviews.
  • No disparaging comments about other reviews, reviewers or management responses.
  • No questions directed to TripAdvisor users (including property representatives). Try our forums for help with travel-related questions.
  • No comments directed to TripAdvisor staff or about TripAdvisor policies. Questions for TripAdvisor staff should be submitted via the Help Centre and will not be posted as reviews.
  • TripAdvisor will not publish reviews written in an attempt to obtain money or services from a property owner, in exchange for withholding or offering to remove a negative review.
  • Forum questions about real estate purchases, long-term rentals or solicitations for either are irrelevant. Discussions providing short-term relocation advice is acceptable provided it remains relevant to travellers to that destination. Orientation to neighbourhoods, travel logistics, visa requirements, or even a post-arrival "thanks, everyone" update are welcome, whereas asking for help finding roommates, buying/selling furniture or ongoing personal updates are not considered travel-related.

Further requirements for traveller photos:

  • No photos, images, or materials that have no relevance to the accommodation, attraction, restaurant, location or general travel experiences
  • No duplicate photos.
  • No irrelevant or unhelpful photo captions.


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