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What is commercial material?

Business owners and representatives must be careful about posting promotional material. If you are clearly identifiable as an owner or business representative in your post, you must follow the guidelines below when posting any content about your business. No promotional or commercial material of any kind may be posted unless you make it clear that you're representing your business.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your contributions being rejected or flagged as inappropriate.

  • Business owners and representatives may not post any promotional material in traveller articles and other forms of content submitted from a traveller's point of view. Any links to strictly commercial websites or blogs may cause our editors to determine your review does not meet our guidelines.
  • In forums, you must identify your business affiliation when you join a discussion related to your business or a competitor's. Our members are entitled to this information so that they can be aware of any potential bias in your comments. You may not use the forums as an opportunity to solicit new clients, provide contact information, or post commercial links.
  • In management responses, ensure all business information and links are directly relevant to the review you are responding to.
  • We prohibit links or contact information to charitable organisations or requests for donations or contributions. We welcome you to discuss the charities you support in the forums, provided the discussions are travel-related and relevant to the destination in which they are posted.
  • Journalists: please see our guidelines for journalists.


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