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Our guidelines for vacation rental reviews

We love hearing about your travel experiences and value your contributions to our site! We also want to make sure that Vacation Rentals is a safe and trustworthy source for our global community. To help us with this goal, and to get your reviews published as quickly as possible, please ensure your reviews are: 


To keep content fresh for our readers, we ask that you stick to writing about experiences that occurred within the current calendar year or up to two calendar years prior.

Based on short-term stays

We welcome you to share your thoughts on any stay that is 90 days or less.

Relevant to travelers

Keep in mind that our reviews are intended to help travelers with their vacation plans – as such, we kindly ask that you stick to writing about vacation rentals only. That means no reviews on corporate, interim, transitional or temporary housing. 

Written after check-in

We kindly ask that you write about your experiences after you check in to your vacation rental. To help ensure authenticity in our reviews, we currently don’t accept submissions that occur during the reservation process or before arrival at the property.

Verifiable by the name on the rental contract

To help ensure authenticity in our reviews, you will be asked to enter the name of the person in your party who signed the lease agreement. (This required field appears at the top of the Write a Review form). NOTE: We do not share this name publicly on our site.

Can be documented by rental owner

If a vacation rental owner cannot confirm that a reviewer was a guest, we send the guest a request for documentation. This is simply to ensure that the correct owner and property is credited for your review.

Listed by TripAdvisor

Vacation Rental listings are provided to us by our partner sites: FlipKey, Holiday Lettings and Niumba. When rental owners remove their listings from one of these services, their TripAdvisor rental listings are removed as well. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish reviews for vacation rentals that are no longer listed on TripAdviso

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