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How do I edit the dates/number of people on my vacation rental booking?

If you paid through our website

If you need to change the dates or number of people on your booking, you can send the owner/manager a request via your rental inbox. If the owner/manager agrees, they’ll send you a revised quote outlining the changes. You can review and accept/decline. You’ll have 48 hours to take action before the revised quote expires.

What do I need to do if the price of my booking changes?

If changes to your booking result in a price change, we’ll ask you to make an additional payment.


  • You’ve only paid the booking deposit - the price change will affect your booking balance. For example, if the price increases or decreases, we’ll adjust the balance amount (and, if necessary, the due date) accordingly. If you cancel the booking before you pay the new balance, the cancellation policy will only apply to the deposit amount you originally paid.
  • You’ve paid the full balance - if the new price is higher, you’ll be asked to pay the difference. Once you accept the booking change, we’ll let you know the due date for your new balance. You’ll then have up to 96 hours to make the additional payment. If the new price is lower than the original amount, we’ll issue you a refund for the difference once you have accepted the booking change.

Whenever any booking changes are made, you’ll be notified via email. You’ll also be able to track progress in the conversation with the owner through your rental inbox.

What happens if the price doesn’t change?

If the price stays the same (e.g. you are moving the booking from 1 - 10 July to 2 - 11 July) you’ll simply accept the change and the new dates will be confirmed.

If you paid the owner directly

You’ll need to contact the owner directly if you need to change the dates/number of people on  your booking.

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