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Understanding forums lingo

Online forums are tight-knit internet communities that often use their own jargon or slang, and our forums are no different. Here are the definitions of some commonly used words or acronyms on the TripAdvisor forums:

OP: In a forum, OP stands for Original Poster, a term used to refer to the individual who started the topic.

Bump: Because the forums display the topics with the most recent replies on top, you'll find members bring older threads of interest back to the first page by submitting a reply that reads "bump". Please do not "bump" up an old thread unless you have something to add that will be beneficial to current research of other members.

DE: Our destination experts, or DEs, are volunteers who regularly contribute to our forums, supplying up to date knowledge of what's going on in the destinations they represent.

P.M.: Messages allow members to connect one-on-one and ask each other questions or share travel experiences.

Sticky topics: Sticky topics are especially helpful topics that the forums support team chooses to keep at the top of a topic list. Otherwise, most recent forum topics appear at the top of a topic list.


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