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How do I edit or delete my forum posts?

For a short period of time after posting in the forums, you can edit your posts to correct typos and mistakes.

To edit your post:

  1. Click Edit below your post. (Note: the Edit link will only be visible to the author of the post.)
  2. From the time of posting, you have 5 minutes to edit and resubmit your post, or until another post is made to the topic.
    For example, if another post is made to the topic 3 minutes after yours, you only have those 3 minutes to edit and resubmit your post. We find that these rules prevent abuse of the edit feature.
  3. If there is no Edit link below your post, that means the edit period has expired.

After the edit period has expired, you still have the option to remove your own post.

  1. Click "Report inappropriate content" under your post.
  2. Choose "Remove my post" as the reason. You will need to be logged in to do this.
  3. Your post will be quickly and automatically removed.


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