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Can TripAdvisor suggest what I should do on a trip?

We can, and so can hundreds of TripAdvisor members who have travelled all around the world and love to share their experiences! There are many resources to help you learn more about a new destination:

  • The overview page contains a menu of handy links, such as flights, hotels and special deals. To get there, type the name of a town or city in the search box at the top of any TripAdvisor page and click the Search button. The first link in the search results will be the overview page.
  • In our forums, you can find travellers like you, as well as TripAdvisor Destination Experts, who can not only give you tips on finding the best places to stay, but insider tips on those fabulous off-the-beaten-track restaurants and attractions you shouldn't miss.
  • Be sure to check out the Travel Forum and Travel Guides for up-to-date posts from recent visitors.
  • Many destinations are also covered in our free offline City Guides full of insider tips, which are available for download.


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