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How much will baggage fees cost on my flight?

To calculate fees for your flight, use the Airline fees estimator! The Airline fees estimator factors in baggage fees, in-flight services, credit card fees, and discounts from your Frequent Flyer programme to give you a comprehensive cost estimate. This estimate is based on what we know about fees for each booking source and carrier.

To use the Airline fees estimator:

  1. Search for flights as you normally would.
  2. On the list of flights that appears after you click Search, look for a box labelled Airline fees estimator.
  3. Select the number of bags you are checking in.
  4. Click Advanced options to calculate the cost of other in-flight services, as well as discounts from your Frequent Flyer programmes.
  5. Your fees will display near the ticket price for each flight.

Please note that while we estimate the fees, many fees like baggage fees will not actually be assessed until time of check in and are assessed directly by the carrier.

The Airline fees estimator is not available in all areas.

You can always turn off the Fees Estimator from the Airline fees estimator box.


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