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How do I change the category of my accommodation?

Your accommodation is listed by category, according to its features and amenities, as verified by our editors.

Before requesting a category change, please read our accommodation category guidelines. If your property category needs to be updated, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to your TripAdvisor account register and verify as the new business representative.
  2. Go to your Management Centre and hover over "Help & Settings"on the top navigation bar and select"Contact TripAdvisor."
  3. Select "Update business information" next to "Please tell us what the issue is" 
  4. Select "Request change of accommodation type" then "What do you want to do?" 
  5. Then fill out the required information and provide the links or licence for our editors to verify your criteria.

This form states the necessary requirements to be listed in each respective category on the site.

Once submitted, this form will be sent into our database and an editor will be in touch. Update email will follow once your query has been dealt with.

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