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Accommodation listing guidelines

Basic Requirements

Accommodations on TripAdvisor must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must be open to the general public
  • Must have an official name
  • Must have an official address at a single, permanent location
  • Must be open for 12 consecutive weeks of the year at a single, permanent location
  • Must have multiple rooms/units
  • Must be able to accommodate more than one guest/group of guests at a time
  • Minimum stay should NOT be longer than 7 nights
  • Must be currently open or taking bookings for a future opening date


The following do NOT qualify to be listed as accommodations:

  • Property management companies
  • Bookings/booking companies
  • Multiple units under the same company, but located in different locations (e.g. a group of cabins located over a large mountain area)
  • Any accommodation that is located after security in an airport
  • Any accommodation that is a section or group of rooms within another accommodation
    • Possible exception: if the section is entirely separate (different building, entire floor, separate tower) and has an official name and separate business licence

Accommodation Categories

Our editors assign each accommodation listing to one and only one accommodation category:

To be in a particular accommodation category, we need to verify ONE of the following:

  • The accommodation meets the category requirements . We need to see the required services listed on the accommodation's official website and any booking partner's website. 


  • The accommodation holds an official business licence issued by a local governmental or tourism authority, and that licence identifies the specific type of accommodation as defined by local authorities in order.

We do NOT accept the following as licenses:

  • Health permits
  • Food and beverage licenses
  • Tax documents
  • Fire/police/safety permits
  • Insurance documentation
  • Any document not provided by an official governmental or tourism source

Holiday Rentals

TripAdvisor does not list accommodations that are for exclusive use by one guest/group at a time. Such properties may qualify for a holiday rental listing.

Register your holiday rental at TripAdvisor Holiday Rentals.

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