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Photo and Video Guidelines

We value your contributions and encourage you to interact with your fellow travellers! We also want to make sure that TripAdvisor is a safe and trustworthy source for travel advice and information. To help us with this goal, we ask that you abide by TripAdvisor's Content Policy and the following rules for photos and videos:

Family Friendly

We don't allow media that is pornographic or vulgar. We reject photos that include graphic violence or contain other content that is not appropriate for our community.


No images or videos from other sources. No images or videos that infringe on any copyright, trademark or other legal property right.


We do not allow photos posted to a property listing which contain logos, promotional material or any other content intended for commercial purposes.

Respectful of Privacy

We respect both your privacy and the privacy of the businesses we list. Photos will not be accepted when taken at a location where photography is prohibited. We will remove photos of other travellers or property staff upon request.

Listed by TripAdvisor

Photos must relate directly to the property to which it is submitted, so please ensure you are adding your images to the correct listing on TripAdvisor. If you post content to a specific listing on our site, it must be for an accommodation, restaurant, attraction or airline that meets our listing requirements.

Safe Files

Media files must not be contaminated or infected with a virus or any other corruption that is either intended to damage or may result in damage to the computers and systems of TripAdvisor and/or those using it.

Photo & Video Quality

Help other travellers get the most out of your photos and videos by submitting quality content.

Photos/Videos should not:

  • be blurry, dark or otherwise difficult to view.
  • be altered in any way that distorts the scene being depicted.
  • be upside down or sideways. Please rotate photos in our photo uploader if they are sideways.

Additional guidance specific to photos and videos:

  • Photos should not exceed 10 MB in size (up to 15 MB for accommodations, partners and influencers).
  • Photos must be in gif, jpg, bmp or png format.
  • Photo landscape layout (more wide than tall) will generally look better than portrait layout (more tall than wide). We recommend a photos aspect ratio between 1:1 and 4:3.
  • Photos will be scaled to fit the standard display boxes on our site.
  • Videos should not exceed 500 MB in size.
  • Videos aspect ratio is optimised at 4:3. 
  • Videos must be in "mp4", "mov" or "m4v" format.


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