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How do I change my username/social handle?

Your username/social handle is the unique TripAdvisor name that only belongs to you and will allow others to find your profile. This name will appear next to your contributions in your Travel Feed.

To update your username/social handle:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click "Edit profile".
  • Amend the username field and Save.

If your username has already been claimed, you will be asked to select a different one. Adding underscores or numbers before or after your desired username will help make it unique. For example, if you would like the username @Emily but has been already claimed, consider selecting a name like @_Emily or @Emily82.

If you are an owner, please note that updating your username/social handle will change how it is displayed for future management responses. This action is not retroactive and will not remove the name previously associated with your management responses.

If someone has your trademarked name in their username/social handle, you can report their profile.

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