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How do I install the TripAdvisor app on a Samsung device?

For Samsung S4 (S4 and variants including S4 Active, S4 Mini):

The Samsung edition of TripAdvisor's app is pre-loaded on your Samsung S4 for your travel needs.

You can update the TripAdvisor app through Google Play Store or Samsung App Store. To update the app and get access to the latest features, go to either store, search for TripAdvisor and click update.

Note: The TripAdvisor app cannot be uninstalled because it is pre-loaded. However, you can disable pre-loaded apps you don't want. Refer to Samsung's support FAQs for more information.


For Samsung Note 3 and other Samsung devices:

The installer of TripAdvisor's Android app is pre-loaded on your Samsung Note 3 and a number of other Samsung devices. You can use the installer to download the full app from the Samsung App Store. 

You can typically find the installer and the app in the Galaxy Plus folder on the homepage.

You can uninstall the app at any time by following your device instructions. Note: You cannot remove the installer because it is pre-loaded.

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