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How do I post a question or answer in a forum?

To post in the forums, first, sign in to our site:

  1. Go to the TripAdvisor forums page and select a forum to post in. You can also click the "3 dots" in the green bar on top of the page, and in the sub-menu, choose "Travel Forum".
  2. When you've found a forum you'd like to contribute to, you can either post a new topic or reply to an existing topic.
  • Click Ask a question to post a new question to our community.
  • If you want to participate in an existing topic, first click into the topic, then click Reply.

Closed topics: Topics are closed by the forums support team if they are off-topic or otherwise problematic. If a topic is closed, no new replies will be posted nor will we permit a new topic to be created with the same information.

Remember to follow our Forum Guidelines when posting.


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