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What is a sponsored forum?

A sponsored forum is a forum that exists solely for a paid advertiser to share their proprietary content and interact with TripAdvisor members who are interested in said advertiser's content. A sponsored forum exists temporarily, for the life of the advertiser's campaign, and may be removed or reinstated at any time for any reason. All members, including Destination Experts, are welcome to participate in a sponsored forum.

Sponsored forum are hosted by employees or appointed representatives of their sponsor. They act on behalf of their sponsor, answering member questions and posting content to facilitate discussion.

Sponsored forum hosts are not moderators. They are not employed by TripAdvisor and do not represent the opinions of TripAdvisor LLC.

Sponsored forum hosts may participate in all TripAdvisor forums, but may not do so in such a way that promotes their corresponding sponsored forum or their business in any way. Sponsored forum hosts are subject to the same community guidelines as any other TripAdvisor member, and they are afforded the same protections: harassment of sponsored forum hosts will not be tolerated.


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