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As an owner or manager, how do I report a review that violates your guidelines?

When to report a review

If you believe a review is fraudulent or otherwise improper, please report it by following the instructions below.

We will remove the review if we confirm that it violates our review guidelines. However, please note that we do not fact check reviews, so we cannot remove a review simply because there is a disagreement about its contents.

If you receive a threat of blackmail, please read our guide 'Reporting Potential Blackmail to TripAdvisor' for details on how to alert us as soon as possible.

How to report a review

To report a review that you feel does not meet our guidelines, or you feel may be suspicious, or incorrectly posted on your listing page:

  1. Log in to the Management Centre.
  2. Click the “Reviews” tab in the Management Centre menu.
  3. Select “Report a Review”.
  4. Look for the "Concerned about a review?" section and click "See our guidelines and submit your comments".
  5. In the resulting form, please let us know the reason for your dispute and select the review in question.
  6. Provide a comment in the space provided, outlining any evidence you may have.


You must be a registered owner or representative to access the Management Centre. To register, follow the directions at

Tip: you can respond to a review by posting a management response below it. Find out more about management responses.


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