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How did my property end up on TripAdvisor?

Welcome to TripAdvisor! As the world's largest travel site, we have property pages for millions of accommodations, restaurants and attractions.

If you didn't request your property's page, chances are it was created because:

  • A traveller may have told us about your property or submitted a review of it.
  • We may have heard about your property from one of our commerce partners, such as Expedia or We list all hotels in their systems.
  • Our editors may have come across a reference to your property in an article or guidebook.

Since your page is already up, that means you're one step closer to making the most of TripAdvisor. Register for the Management Centre now - it's free, and you'll be able to update business details, upload photos of your property, respond to guest reviews, promote your business with free tools and more.


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