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How can I manage my e-mail notifications?

You can manage your e-mail notifications on the Subscriptions page of your profile. From this page, you can turn on and off the e-mail newsletters we send you, as well as notifications when activity happens that you might be interested in.

  • Newsletters: Subscribe to / unsubscribe from newsletters such as Member Update, TripWatch and AirWatch
  • Private message notifications: choose to receive e-mails about the private messages you receive daily, weekly, immediately or not at all. You can also turn off the private messaging feature.
  • Friend updates: turn on/off e-mails about your friends' travels.
  • Traveller Article notifications: you can only add notifications for Traveller Articles if you have created or contributed to them. Your list of Traveller Article notifications are found in the Inside Notifications section.
  • Forum notifications: add notifications by clicking the Watch Topic button while browsing any forum thread. Your list of watched topics are found in the Forum Notifications section.
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