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Tour listing guidelines

Tours must meet our Things to Do listing guidelines .

Itinerary guidelines for tours

We require each tour company to list a sample itinerary on its official website.

The sample itinerary must include:

  • duration of tour
  • description of what is included in the tour
  • description of what will be seen/done during the tour
  • name of the city where the tour departs

Travel agencies as tour operators

We cannot list a travel agency as a tour company unless the agency also possesses a tour operator licence issued by the government or ministry of tourism in the country where it operates its tours.

If the company does not possess a tour operator licence OR if the country where the company operates its tours does not issue such a licence, we will review either of the following:

  • Photos of cars or vehicles displaying the company's logo permanently affixed to the vehicle. The company's official name must be fully legible.


  • Photos of the company's tour guide while guiding a tour. We must be able to see the tour company logo on the clothing or badge worn by the tour guide while the guide is conducting a tour.   Photos of staff members working in an office will not be considered. The company's official name must be fully legible.

Self-guided tours

Self guided tours must require the traveller to pick up the guide, map or device from a member of staff.

Peer-to-peer companies (experiences with locals)

Peer-to-peer companies operate websites which connect tourists with local tour guides who may offer tours, classes or other custom experiences.

A peer-to-peer company may qualify for a listing if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • The peer-to-peer company must be the the merchant of record and is not selling on behalf of someone else. The official website must clearly state that offered experiences are unique and delivered by the company directly.
  • The company offers day tours and experiences in the city where they wish to be listed, and this is clearly featured on the official website.
  • The official website includes a description of what their typical offerings/activities include.
  • The official website includes contact details in order for guests to arrange their experience, which may be tailored to the individual client requirements.

Address guidelines for tours

If there is a specific pick-up location or multiple pick-up locations, we use the street address where the majority of the tours begin.

If there's not a specific pick-up location or if the pick-up/meet-up location is provided only after booking, we do NOT list a street address.

We do NOT list tour companies according to their postal address or office address.

City guidelines for tours

All tours, including fully customisable tours: We require a sample itinerary to be posted on the company's website. The sample itinerary must clearly indicate the city from which the majority of the company's tours depart.

Same tour departing from different cities: If the tour picks up in more than one city, we use the city that is the primary departure point.

Different tours departing from different cities: in order to be listed in multiple cities, a tour company must offer tours which are unique to each departure point/city.

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