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Guidelines for Messages

We value your contributions and encourage you to interact with your fellow travellers! We also want to make sure that TripAdvisor is a safe and trustworthy source for travel advice and information. To help us with this goal, we ask that you abide by Tripadvisor's Content Policy and the following rules for messages:

Family Friendly

Use of private messages to harass other users is strictly prohibited. Harassment can be reported while viewing messages.


Attempts to impersonate other members or TripAdvisor Staff or any reproduction of private correspondence with TripAdvisor Staff are prohibited.


Business representatives (whether or not they are registered as listing owners with TripAdvisor) may message members, but are asked to identify themselves as such. Offering incentives, discounts, upgrades or any special treatment in exchange for writing, editing or removing a forum post or review is strictly prohibited, as are threats or pressure to remove negative reviews or posts. Journalists may message members when researching a story, but must clearly identify themselves and the organisation for which they work.


Contacting multiple members with irrelevant or unwanted private messages is prohibited and will result in your account being permanently disabled. Spam can be reported while viewing private messages. If you are looking for feedback from a large number of travellers, we encourage you to use the Forums or Questions & Answers features of our site.


If you are a business owner or representative, you must disclose your affiliation with your business.

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