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What if I can't access the property when I arrive?

It’s extremely unlikely, but if you experience issues upon arrival, such as:

  • the property is not there
  • there are other guests at the property
  • the property is not available for rent
  • the property is misrepresented (differing substantially to what was advertised)

To resolve the problem as quickly as possible, we recommend the following before contacting us:

Rentals covered by Payment Protection

Please contact the property owner/manager if you're unable to access the property at check-in. Some give the number for a local representative or property manager for their guests to call in case of problems. You can find their contact details in your rental inbox or in your emails.  In the majority of cases they'll be able to resolve any issues.

If you're unable to contact the owner/manager or resolve the matter:

  • Call us on 1-855-785-9714  on the first day of your rental period (as stated in the booking confirmation email).

Remember: to qualify for Payment Protection you must have booked and paid through our website for a property with a Payment Protection logo. Read the full terms.

If your booking is covered by Payment Protection and you fulfil the criteria within the policy, then we'll be able to either:

  • provide you with a refund
  • or make all reasonable efforts to find you an alternative comparable property for the same price or less.

Rentals not covered by Payment Protection

You'll need to contact the property owner/manager to resolve the matter with them. See your rental agreement (if you have one) for the terms and conditions.

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