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How do I create and edit forums Top Questions?

Any Destination Expert (DE) can create and edit Top Questions in the forums.

To add or edit a Top Question, follow the link "Edit top questions" under the Top Questions box on the right side of the forum. (You will only see this link if you are a DE). You can then add a question, write an introduction and provide a link to the answers anywhere on TripAdvisor. The tool was built so that you can link to several different answers within the TripAdvisor site.

Technically, any DE can add or edit a top question on any forum. However, we expect that as role models for the TripAdvisor community, you will check in with the DEs for that forum before adding or editing any Top Questions.

Since DEs are used to working together to provide the best advice for travellers on the forums, inappropriate content or conflicts in Top Questions are usually not a problem. However, if you have concerns that you'd like to share with us, please contact our staff directly.


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