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What is TripAdvisor's Popularity Index?

The TripAdvisor Popularity Index incorporates traveller ratings to determine overall traveller satisfaction. Unlike sites that simply rank a hotel by price or hotel class, we use a proprietary algorithm to take into account what real travellers like you think - quantity, quality and recency of TripAdvisor reviews.

How do you know if a hotel is right for you? The room price may fit your budget, but are the rooms clean? Is the location safe? How is the service? The Popularity Index helps you answer questions like these easily and leads you to the best accommodation for your trip.

When you do a search, hotels are ranked by quality as calculated by our Popularity Index. This ensures that you will always be looking at a fresh and unbiased view of the best hotels.

Our ratings are:

  • Pure: Completely organic. No paid results influence rankings.
  • Fresh: Constantly incorporate new information.
  • Global: Reflect reviews from around the world.
  • Unbiased: Based on the good and the bad!
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