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What is the Traveller IQ Challenge?

The Traveller IQ Challenge is a map-based game created by TravelPod. We give you clues about a series of cities, historical landmarks and travel destinations and your job is to locate them on a blank map. As each name or clue is shown, the clock starts counting. Click on the map to indicate where you think the location is found. You'll be awarded points based accuracy and speed.

Each level of the game gets progressively harder, and a certain number of points are needed to continue on to successive rounds. The more points you gather, the higher your Travel IQ will be. Once you finish, save your score to your TripAdvisor public profile, and compare your score to other TripAdvisor travellers on the Game Stats tab.

To pause the game, use the Pause button located on the same pop-up that shows you how well you did on the previous question.

To play the Traveller IQ Challenge, click here.


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