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What is TripAdvisor Business Listings?

Business Listings is a subscription service that allows hotels with a TripAdvisor page to add 3 points of direct contact to their property page to help browsing travellers directly connect with them.

With flexible display, businesses can choose between phone numbers, email addresses or web URLs. All of this contact information will appear on TripAdvisor's 30 domains and on our mobile website. If your website is available in different languages, you can enter unique web addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails and specify the TripAdvisor domains where you would like each to appear.

Subscribers are also entitled to post a Special Offer and Announcement on all TripAdvisor domains. A Special Offer showcases deals and promotions for your property while an Announcement shares your most important news with travellers. A Business Listings subscription also provides you with access to the Property Dashboard, which includes market, visitor and competitor data and trends, and a photo slideshow.

Your direct contact links appear at the top of your listing page. Special Offers and Announcements appear below your direct contact information on your listing as well as on several high visibility placements around the site.

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