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How can I make my property show up in search results on TripAdvisor?

There are two different ways to search on TripAdvisor: The general search box and Plan the Perfect Trip box.

Search option 1: The general search box

The general search box is at the top of the TripAdvisor home page and on the side of most pages throughout the site. If your property does not show up when you do a general search, that means we don't have a listing for it on TripAdvisor. The good news? It's easy to add your property's listing!

Read our Get Your Business on TripAdvisor guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of what you need to know, then list your business on TripAdvisor. In no time, you can start collecting reviews, impressing travelers and more.

Search option 2: The Plan the Perfect Trip section

Another way to search TripAdvisor is to use the Plan the Perfect Trip section at the top of our home page. Only accommodations that accept online reservations through a partner site such as Expedia or will show when you search using this section.

Want your accommodation to appear in this type of search? Contact one of these partner sites directly to set up an account.


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