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What should I do if a business owner asks me directly to remove a review?

TripAdvisor absolutely does not condone threats or bullying of reviewers and you should contact us if this ever happens. It is rare that a hotelier threatens a reviewer, but if we are made aware of it, we will take action with the owner.

It is rare that a hotelier threatens a reviewer with legal action, but if we are made aware of this happening, we'll send out a letter to the owner alerting them that their property will be actively monitored by TripAdvisor for suspicious activity, and that they must discontinue any attempts to subvert our system. We also make them aware that we have a procedure for penalising businesses who make such attempts.

If an owner wishes to use our messaging system to send a travel-related message, the owner must adhere to all of our private messaging guidelines.

TripAdvisor does not facilitate direct contact between owners and members of our travel community. All users on our site remain anonymous unless they decide to post their e-mail address or contact information in their review. To see our privacy policy, click here.

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