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How do I choose a screen name?

You can choose to have your name displayed as a screen name - which you can create - or a friendly name consisting of your first name and last initial.

If you create your own screen name, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • To ensure your screen name is unique, use an uncommon word or phrase, or use inventive spelling. For example, j@ne_d0e, rather than Jane_Doe.
  • To protect your personal privacy, do not use your e-mail address as your screen name.
  • Screen names should be family-friendly. No objectionable language, including but not limited to: Profanity, Obscenity or vulgarity, Racial/ethnic slurs, Hate speech or prejudiced comments.
  • If you are an official representative of a business or destination-marketing organisation on TripAdvisor, you may choose a screen name that reflects the name of your organisation. (In fact, destination-marketing organisations are required to do this.) This is not considered self-promotion.
  • You cannot include commercial links or contact information in your screen name.
  • Usernames that refer to a public figure are against our guidelines.

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