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What TripAdvisor content is available for my website?

A variety of content is available for display on your website. Some of this content is available for free. To use licensed review or destination content, including API and licensed widgets, you must become a partner.

Content available for your website may include:

  • Hotel, attraction and restaurant ratings and reviews, including TripAdvisor Popularity Index
  • Top 10 lists of hotels, attractions and restaurants in a destination
  • Traveller photos of destinations and businesses
  • Travellers' Choice and Certificate of Excellence award badges for applicable hotels, attractions, restaurants and destinations

Please note that any use of TripAdvisor content, with the exception of the free widgets, must be approved by TripAdvisor. See our Widget Terms of Use for specific requirements. For complete instructions about how to find and use TripAdvisor widgets, please refer to our PDF guide.

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