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Why was my forum post removed?

A forum post may have been flagged for deletion by either our staff or the TripAdvisor community because it contained content that did not comply with our forum guidelines or was otherwise inappropriate. We reserve the right to remove any post, topic or forum on TripAdvisor for any reason. If a topic is inappropriately placed, we may move it to a different forum where it is better suited. In addition, our community of travellers can report any post as inappropriate if it does not meet our guidelines. Each such report counts toward the removal of the offending post and will be reviewed by a moderator, who will research the situation in greater depth and take necessary action.

If one of your posts is removed, we will unfortunately not be able to notify you.

If you feel that your forum post was not objectionable, it's always a good idea to first consult our guidelines and Community Mission. Once you have determined that the post in question met our guidelines, contact us with a link to the post or thread that you would like us to evaluate.


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