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What are review badges?

Review badges, shaped like stars, are our way of recognising TripAdvisor members who write travel reviews for the benefit of our community. Once you write three reviews that are published on TripAdvisor, you'll earn your first review badge.

Your level of review badge is linked to the number of reviews you publish on TripAdvisor. We love all kinds of reviews, positive and negative. Here's how the levels break down:

  • Reviewer: 3-5 reviews
  • Senior Reviewer: 6-10 reviews
  • Contributor: 11-20 reviews
  • Senior contributor: 21-49 reviews
  • Top contributor: 50+ reviews



If you don't have a review badge yet, you have only written one or two reviews so far. Write a few more and get your Reviewer badge!

For more information about badges, see Badges - what they are and how to earn them.


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