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Management Response Guidelines

We value your contributions and encourage you to interact with your fellow travellers! We also want to make sure that TripAdvisor is a safe and trustworthy source for travel advice and information. To help us with this goal, we ask that you abide by TripAdvisor's Content Policy and the following rules for management responses to reviews:


Please do not include correspondence from guests or third parties or snippets of traveller reviews.


Please don’t include commercial or promotional content of any kind. Responses that are offering personal gain, such as gifts, services or money, will be removed. We do not allow responses that contain links, unless relevant to the review.


Please do not post responses that include content irrelevant to the review in question. No personal opinions about politics, ethics, religion or wider social issues. Management responses may not threaten or coerce a reviewer, or attempt to suppress reviewer contributions to our site. No accusations of review fraud. No responses directed to TripAdvisor staff or commenting about TripAdvisor policies.

Respectful of Privacy

No speculation as to the identity of the reviewer. Personal information that may be used to identify an individual is prohibited, including but not limited to names, addresses and phone numbers.

Easy to Read

Do not include lists, bullets or other formatting that will not appear in owner responses. Machine translated management responses that are unreadable or incomprehensible will not be accepted.

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