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What if I notice a review on the site that isn't in the right place?

With more and more businesses and points of interest being added to TripAdvisor on a daily basis, we understand that a reviewer may inadvertently submit their review to the wrong location. When this happens you can let our moderators know by following a few quick steps:

  1. Locate the flag in the bottom-right of the review and click 'Report.'
  2. In the box that appears, click 'Review posted to wrong location.'
  3. If you know where the review belongs, click 'Yes' and let us know the name of the correct place. If you don't know where it belongs or are unsure, you can select 'No' and explain why you believe so.

Our moderators look into every reported review and will be sure to make any necessary changes. If the review in question is your own review, please follow these instructions.

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