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What if the property owner/manager asks me to pay in a different way?

If the property has a Payment Protection logo

To be covered by the Payment Protection you must pay through the TripAdvisor Rentals website.


  • The Payment Protection policy only applies to bookings and payments made through our website.
  • Check the web address starts with before entering any payment details.
  • We’ll never ask for payment via wire transfer or into a TripAdvisor Rentals bank account. If you're asked to make an electronic transfer into an account that has the name ‘TripAdvisor’ attached to it, please let us know immediately.

If you can’t pay for the property through our website

If the owner doesn’t offer online booking you’ll need to pay them directly. They will still be able to offer a secure form of payment, but you won’t be covered by the Payment Protection. You’ll need to contact them directly to book.


If you’ve got any concerns about whether your booking is safe, please contact us here.

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