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Tips & Guidelines on updating your business details

Please reference the guide below to ensure your request meets our business update guidelines. This will help to ensure a timely and accurate processing of your update request.

General guidelines

  • No profanities
  • No fraudulent data
  • No marketing or promotional text
  • Must be entered in valid format

Specific Guidelines

Name: This should be the official name of your business. This is how your business is recognized in the world, how it’s featured on your official web page and signage. Examples:

Super Hotel : Correct

Super Hotel***: Not correct. Star ratings (or other special characters) are not part of the official name and should not be included.

Address: Please use the physical address of the business, including street name and number. In case the update refers to a tour, you may use the address from where your tour departs. In case the tour picks up the travelers, you may leave address blank. Any directional information, or cross street information should not be included. Furthermore, this field should not include contain postal code, PO Boxes or information about your city or province. Example:

123 Main Street : Correct

123 Main Street corner Green Street : Not Correct - Cross street information should only be included in street 2.

Postal Code: This should be the official government postal code of the physical location of the business. Leave this field blank if the business does not have a postal code.

Website URL: Must be complete, accurate and represent the official website of the business.

Phone Number: Must be a valid phone number.

Description: This should be a general, accurate description of the business. We do not allow promotional language.

Looking for more information? Please reference our Listings Guidelines for other important information.

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