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Can I include a link to my blog in a Forum post?

Yes — members are allowed to include links to their own non-commercial, travel-related blogs in forum posts, as long as:

  • The forum post also contains substantive information, which is directly relevant to the topic and/or ensuing discussion.
  • The forum post stands on its own as helpful and informative, even without the inclusion of the blog link.
  • The topic post was not written to promote the author’s blog.

Owners of blogs with ads may include links to their blog in Forum Posts, as long as the purpose of the blog is travel-related and not commercial in nature. However, blog owners are NOT allowed to post the following:

  • Topic or forum posts that offer no substantive or helpful information beyond the blog link itself, e.g. “All the information you need is in my blog!” These posts will be removed.
  • Inclusion of links to blogs that are not travel-related.
  • Links to commercial blogs, even if the rest of the post has helpful information. Commercial blogs are those that are designed to sell items (guides, travel apps, travel gear/gadgets, etc.) or make any type of reservations (hotels, flights, tours, etc.).
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