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Guidelines for traveler articles

All traveler articles must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Style. Use a lively, casual manner so traveler articles are engaging to read!
    • Voice. Please write in the third person ("Travelers will enjoy...") instead of the first person ("I really like..."). If you want to share your personal stories and opinions, feel free to write a review or contribute to our forums.
    • Comments. When you add to or edit a traveler article, use the comments function as a courtesy to leave a message for other contributors about what you added or changed.
    • Collaboration with other members. The great thing about traveler articles is that any TripAdvisor member can work on any article. Add to any pages you see. But remember, others may do the same to pages you've written.
    • Original and non-commercial.


  • Photos. Photos make traveler articles richer and more interesting, but keep in mind that they are subject to our photo guidelines.
  • Unique. Each traveler article is specific to one destination and one subject area, and the content you add to traveler articles should be customized accordingly.
  • One Screen Name Per Member. Every person is limited to one screen name when contributing to Traveler Articles. If we find that you are using more than one screen name, we will remove your content and possibly ban your contribution privileges completely.
  • Links. Relevant links are helpful. Links to other TripAdvisor pages, where the reader can benefit from traveler reviews, are even better!
  • Inclusion of restaurants, attractions, and other businesses. To keep traveler articles from turning into advertisements, an individual article cannot list only one business - it must list at least three. 
  • Language. At this time, traveler articles are only supported in English.


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