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What are traveler articles?

We designed TripAdvisor traveler articles to give you a place to read, write, and edit factual, travel-related information that might otherwise get buried over time in our forums. Think of traveler articles as a user-written guidebook for a particular place. Articles can cover a broad range of topics such as background information about a destination, helpful travel hints, safety information, and more!

Traveler articles aren't editorial pages. They aren't places for religious, ethical, or political arguments or opinions, so please stick to travel-related facts. When you contribute to a traveler article, remember that traveler articles are places to find and contribute objective information about a destination. If you want to share your personal opinions and stories, write a review! If you would like to start a discussion and interact with other members, visit our forums.

For more help on finding and contributing to traveler articles, see our instructions.


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