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Our guidelines for Forum posts

We value your contributions to our site and encourage you to use our forums to interact with your fellow travelers and assist with your trip planning! We also want to make sure that TripAdvisor is a safe and trustworthy source for our global community. To help us with this goal please ensure your posts are:


To maintain a safe, family-friendly environment on our forums, we ask our members to limit their comments to courteous and respectful language at all times. Any posts that include sexually explicit comments, hate-speech, prejudiced remarks, or profanity will be removed. We also reject posts that advocate or describe participation in illegal activities and those containing graphic descriptions of death, injuries or violent criminal acts. We only publish posts written by travelers 13 or older.

Relevant to Travelers

Keep your forum posts relevant and helpful to travelers. Please don’t include personally insulting language, smear campaigns, or any personal opinions about political, ethical, religious, or wider social issues. Questions regarding real estate purchases, long-term rentals, or solicitations for either will be removed. If you have a question or comment for TripAdvisor about our forums moderation policies or there is an issue with your account, you can contact us via the Help Center.


TripAdvisor’s Travel Community is intended to provide advice for fellow travelers, not to advertise a service or business. Posts that are being offered in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts, services, or money, will be removed. We reserve the right to reject specific content for any reason. Links to external websites, such as hotel websites or personal blogs, that are not relevant to the topic and are used purely for promotional purposes will be removed. We reserve the right to reject any URL for any reason. Survey requests, polls, or requests for research, as well as any spam will also be removed. Owners and agents of owners should NOT share recommendations or experiences with direct competitors, even if they are relaying a genuine experience. If you suspect a post is fraudulent, please use the Help Center to submit your report.


Give us your best, most accurate advice – just make sure it’s yours! Forum posts should contain original content and not include extensive quotes from other sources. Any content plagiarized from other websites, reviews, emails, or printed materials will be removed. Attempts to impersonate other members or TripAdvisor Staff or any reproduction of private correspondence with TripAdvisor Staff will also be removed.

Respectful of Private Information

We respect your privacy and the privacy of the businesses we list. For this reason, any posts containing personal financial information, including credit card numbers, loyalty reward numbers, or other financial information will be removed. This includes both the poster’s information and the information of others. Information exclusive to the business listed on TripAdvisor, such as door codes, members only discount codes, or passwords of any kind, will also be removed. Please be cautious when posting any personal contact details to our forums and be advised that we will remove these details upon request of the poster.

Easy to Read

Help other travelers get the most of your post by using the language of the forum you are posting on. Please don’t use HTML tags, excessive ALL CAPS or emoticons, or slang. Any content that is posted multiple times will be removed so please post in the appropriate forum only once. 


TripAdvisor reserves the right to remove any content (links, text, or images) we deem inappropriate. If any member violates any of the above guidelines, we reserve the right to ban the individual from further participation in the TripAdvisor Community.

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