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How should I book flights when traveling with my child?

Here are some tips to make flying with infants easier:

Children under two:

Domestic Flights

  • Infants may ride on the lap of an adult at no additional charge. We recommend that you notify the airline that you will be traveling with an infant.
  • If you prefer that your child have their own seat, you can account for them as you would an adult traveler while searching on TripAdvisor


International Flights

  • Infants must have their own ticket, as international taxes and fees will be assessed for them as a separate passenger.
  • While searching TripAdvisor, exclude them from your adult count, but look at the breakdown of taxes and fees on an adult ticket to get an estimate of what the charges for the infant will be.
  • When you go to book your tickets on the airline or online travel agency website, be sure to notify them directly that you are traveling with an infant so they can appropriately assess your charges.

Children aged 2+

Children aged two and up are often considered adult travelers by airlines and will likely require their own seat for both domestic and international travel. We recommend you account for them as you would an adult when you search for flights on TripAdvisor.

We are working on the ability to specify number of children and adults during your flight search on TripAdvisor.


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