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How will you verify a GreenLeader's environmentally friendly practices?

We are committed to ensuring the integrity of the GreenLeaders Program using three methods: 

  1. Transparency: Travelers can see a full list of practices by clicking on a property's TripAdvisor GreenLeader badge or icon. This ensures that travelers can see exactly which green practices they can expect at a business.
  2. Traveler feedback: We place great value on the opinions of travelers. Travelers will be invited to comment on the green practices of TripAdvisor GreenLeaders and GreenPartners. They will also be able to report on false information, in instances where a traveler's experience does not match a property's claims. This feedback will be monitored by the TripAdvisor Responsible Travel team and, if necessary, will trigger a third party audit.
  3. Audits: We've partnered with independent expert sustainability organisations to conduct audits of the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders programme. In addition to audits triggered by traveller feedback, there will also be a set of audits conducted every year of applying and participating properties.
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