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How can I pay for a vacation rental?

Some of our properties can be booked directly on TripAdvisor without any need to contact the owner first.  In this situation, your request made via TripAdvisor goes to the owner and he or she then has 48 hours to respond to your booking request.  The owner may either accept or decline your booking.  Other properties require you to contact the owner first, at which point the owner will send you a detailed quote for booking their property.

If the property detail page has a “Pay on TripAdvisor” circular badge:

  • With a “Book this property” button that specific property can be booked directly from the property detail page using TripAdvisor payments. 
  • With no “Book this property” button you will need to send the owner a message first via the ‘Send message’ link and request a quote.  Once the owner responds with a quote you will be able to pay directly through TripAdvisor. 

Payments made through TripAdvisor are covered by Peace of Mind Protection

If the property detail page does not have a “Pay on TripAdvisor” circular badge you will need to message the owner via the ‘Send message’ link to inquire about the property payment options.  Properties that do not display the “Pay on TripAdvisor badge” cannot be booked on the TripAdvisor platform and will not be covered by Peace of Mind Protection



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