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As an owner or manager, how do I respond to a review on my listing?

Great question! A management response to a review is a good way to share your perspective with travelers who visit your listing.

To write a Management Response, log in to the Management Center.  In the menu, click the “Reviews” tab and select "Respond to Reviews."

Here are a few suggestions for what to include:

  • Thank your guest for taking the time to provide feedback
  • Highlight the positive and mention upgrades or improvements that might interest returning or potential guests
  • Address any specific complaints and explain what you've done to address them
  • Be polite and professional and ensure that your response meets our guidelines.

For more information on why and how to write Management Responses check out our tip sheet.

In order for your management response to be posted, it must meet our guidelines. If it does comply with the guidelines, it will typically be published within several business days and you will receive notification.

Not registered as an owner yet? Visit to get started. If you represent an airline, please visit

If your property is listed through FlipKey or Holiday Lettings, you will need to submit your response through their sites.

TripAdvisor reserves the right to remove a review or management response at any time for any reason. The reviews posted on TripAdvisor are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of TripAdvisor members and not of TripAdvisor LLC. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in management responses. We are not affiliated with any establishment listed or reviewed on this web site.In accordance with our privacy policy, TripAdvisor does not release anyone's personal contact information.

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