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My business is listed in a small town. Can it be moved to the listings of a nearby, more well known city?

We understand that sometimes you want to balance your small town charm with your big city allure.

We make every effort to list properties in relevant search results. Therefore, if your property is in a small town or village which is officially recognized as part of a larger or better-known location, it is likely that it can be displayed in TripAdvisor searches for both destinations.

In some countries, small locations (villages, hamlets, fraziones etc.) are physically located outside the geographical boundaries of a nearby city or town but are officially tied to that larger town. Their official addresses include both the smaller location name and the larger town name. Government officials and Destination Management Organisations recognise these small locations as being part of the larger town or city.

We are happy to review the details of properties located in small villages, hamlets, etc. that are officially tied to a larger conurbation so that they may appear in the listing for the main city or town, as well as their own village or hamlet.

If you would like us to review the listing of your business’s location on TripAdvisor, please contact us through the owner support page indicating the small location and the larger town or city where you would like your property to appear.

Our editors will review any proof of location you provide, and make a determination on a case-by-case basis.

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